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The last RSS reader you'll ever use.

Thoughtful Design

Following your favourite sites shouldn't require bloated tools.

We designed Readdu to remove any friction between you and the content. Readdu fully respects your time and attention. It's the best way to keep your finger on the pulse of what's important in areas you care about.

Seamless Flow

Your full attention on content.

Numerical counters will tell you how many recent stories you haven't seen yet. And by default the counters will decrease automatically as you scroll through new stories.

A single click and any story lands in your "read later" or "favourites" list.

Text Editor? Yes!

Adding, removing, and organizing feeds done right.

You'll be surprised. This is the simplest and most effective way of organizing and reorganizing your feeds. You already know how to use it! Underline, Select, Copy, Paste.


Follow great sites with a single click.

With our curated catalog you are just a single click away from great sites in a growing number of domains: Arts, Design, Web, Usability, Tech, Startups, Marketing, and Home Design.

Readdu remains free while in beta and will be offered at 1$ / month afterwards.

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